Zuhair Girach is not a psychologist or a medical professional and is unable to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any ailment. Anyone using the methods and techniques in Aafiyah Healing acknowledges that they have read and understood the details of this disclaimer. 

All the information obtained from Aafiyah Healing or anything said or written by Zuhair Girach, is solely to be taken as advisory. Zuhair Girach and Aafiyah Healing will not be held personally, legally, or financially liable for any action taken based upon his advice.

Zuhair uses knowledge, research that is widely available to inform his Aafiyah Healing therapy. Zuhair can discuss psychological disorders but is unable to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or claim to cure any illness that requires medical or psychiatric attention.

The principles and techniques developed by Zuhair Girach are only to be used once a person has completed the necessary training (please see qualification requirements) and not to be used to replace any form of psychological or medical intervention.

It is a requirement that qualified practitioners are part of a supervision group and can only call themselves an Aafiyah Healing Practitioner once they are on the Aafiyah Healing register.

By reading this disclaimer the student/ practitioner acknowledges and assumes full responsibility for the training provided and the application of Aafiyah Healing and what they can or cannot do.

Zuhair Girach’s advice and Aafiyah Healing practice is not intended to replace the advice of a competent healthcare practitioner. 

Once qualified the Aafiyah Healing practitioner takes full responsibility for the way they utilise the information and skills they acquire from Aafiyah Healing.



All recordings, trainings, course material obtained from Zuhair Girach remain the intellectual property of the aforementioned and must not be used or reprinted in any way without the written permission of Zuhair Girach. Any unauthorised commercial use of Zuhair Girach’s name, photograph, images, or written material or training is strictly prohibited and is in direct violation of rights.